Legal Notices

The GRAND E company is a SARL with a capital of 4 000€, under the paris trade register number 880019369. It is also registered with « répertoire des métiers de paris » under the number 880019369 RM 75. Its head office is at 66 rue du poteau, 75018 Paris, France. The intra-community VAT number is FR01 880019369. The company is represented by Julien Lacaille and Saha Kaufman, associates-founders and managers. The GRAND E company is the owner of www.grand-e.com website, built by Julien Lacaille, hosted by planethoster, adress: 4416 Louis B. Mayer, Laval (Québec) H7P0G1, Canada, phone: 0 805 080 426 or 01 76 60 41 43.

Protection of personal data

The GRAND E company acts according to the french and european personal data protection law.
No cookies are used on the website. Information are voluntarily and needed asked to the client by the contact form in order to exchange by emails.
These information are exclusively used for administrative and commercial purposes. The responsible for handling is the GRAND E company which is the only recipient. The personal data are stored until the end of business with the interlocutors or toggling. During the period of the personal data storage, our company sets up all meanings to ensure confidentiality, safety, to avoid them to be damaged, erased or accessible by unauthorised third party.
Any concerned person can access, modify, erase, limit and transfer his data. To do it, you can contact GRAND E by mail to : 66 rue du Poteau, 75018 Paris, France.
You can go to cnil.fr website to have more information about your rights or for any claim.


Copyright protection

Under the french and international laws, the intellectual property of this website belongs exclusively to the GRAND E company. Any copy of this website or any part of this website is strictly forbidden. In this case, the GRAND E company will take legal action.

CE conformity certificate

You can ask the CE conformity certificate by mail: GRAND E, 66 rue du Poteau, 75018 Paris, France