GRAND E - Mise en scène de bois précieux dans un atelier


Handcrafted in Paris


In his Parisian workshop, designer and wood craftsman Sacha Kaufman conceives, draws and sculpts each pair of frames by hand.

GRAND E - Nature morte d'outils et de lunettes

He sketches out his ideas and bases his designs on those original drawings. Then a long journey begins, during which the craftsman initiates an intimate dialogue with the material.

Each species, each individual tree, has own special features. Every fragment of wood is unique, with its own asperities, patterns, intensity and depth of tone. And this singularity inspires the designer.

At every stage of the process, the wood’s individual features set the pace for each skilled movement. The craftsman examines the grain, allowing himself the time he needs to be transported by the material. Instinct and experience intertwine, supporting him through the meticulous work.

GRAND E - Accumulation de bois
GRAND E - Limage d'une paire de lunettes

As he sketches the curves, an outline emerges, colours gradually reveal the scope of their palette. The true beauty of wood is hidden from view for centuries.

Only when the craftsman begins sculpting and refining the material can it be reincarnated as an object with outstanding emotional value.

« The work begins to take shape.

Wood is a living thing; it thrives and takes on a beautiful patina as the years go by. Time becomes an integral part of the object and leaves its imprint. »

Precious wood

In its raw state, a wood’s potential seems elusive. But the natural imperfections in wood are a testament to its history and make it a noble and humble material, they give the object a human dimension.

GRAND E - Ebene du Gabon et loupe d'amboine

Traditional sawing techniques are extremely demanding and require empirical expertise. Our partner has passed down that expertise over four generations and reserves its finest material for our workshop. Under the muted and rhythmic movements of the century-old saw, wood can reveal its intricate complexity.

The designer then selects a few unique fragments.

GRAND E - Bois précieux travaillés par l'atelier
GRAND E - Ebene du Gabon et loupe d'amboine

Precious species including Ebony, Snakewood, Purpleheart, Amboyna Burl, Padauk are honed and sculpted in the workshop, as well as limited editions of other species.

 « Each precious wood has a different personality, and we need to establish a subtle, almost sensory dialogue with it.

The wood’s natural colour is showcased to express its innate radiance and character. »


Like our material, each person is unique. And because your frames are custom-made, you can be part of the creation process.

GRAND E - Dessin d'une paire de lunettes
Polissage d'une charnière GRAND E

Hinges, pieces of jewellery

GRAND E hinges require sophisticated jewellery and watchmaking expertise, and are crafted using titanium, a noble material. Designed and developed at the workshop, they offer both stability and elegance.

Our jeweller works with two French companies from the world of Swiss watchmaking, the oldest of which was founded in 1848.

Polissage d'une charnière GRAND E